Stephanie Poh

GOWN: Special design

Thank you so much for all your help and support during the exciting but sometimes confusing pre-wedding and dress decision process. The dress worked a dream! I absolutely loved wearing it, everybody complimented it and came up to touch and have a closer look at the material and design. It was a very very special dress and just perfect. Thanks heaps!

Ryan & Erica Coote

GOWN: Amber

WOW!! What an amazing dress! We are 10 months down the track and every time the photos come out, everyone still is amazed by that stunning dress. Libby, you made me look olike a beautiful bride and I will always cherish and be grateful for the most amazing wedding dress I have ever seen. And it’s mine!! The photos don’t quite bring it to life but the dress was simply stunning. Libby, thank you! You truly made a dress that remains a talking point and brings a bright smile to my face every time I look at it. Thank you!!

Barbara Krell

GOWN: Magda

As you can see, Laurian looked stunning (I suppose every mum thinks that of her daughter as a bride) and everyone absolutely RAVED about the dress. Even when I took it to be drycleaned after the wedding, the lady in the shop said she had seen hundreds of wedding gowns but this one was the most beautiful one she had ever seen and when I was picking up the photos, there were two women standing next to me who saw the pictures of the dress and both commented on what a beautiful gown.

Minnie Law

1ST JUNE 2006
GOWN: Special design

Thank you so very much for your fabulous work in creating my ever-evolving wedding dress over 3.5 years ago! I really do appreciate your patience, tolerance and perserverance as I realise it wasn’t easy to disguise my continuously expanding belly, but you did an exceptional job. I know my thanks is 3.5 years overdue and I’ve been meaning to come and thank you all that time, I just can’t believe how busy I’ve been with the arrival of my two little darlings (or terrors, depending on the day!) during this time – what a change in lifestyle! Anyway, despite being so late in my thanks, it is no reflection of how grateful I am for all your efforts. Many, many thanks again.

Lacey Mikenna

GOWN: Rose

Just a quick note to say thankyou all so very much for my gorgeous ‘Rose’ gown. I knew from the moment I saw it that it was the perfect gown for me, and I still think I have never seen a more beautiful dress! Thank you for making it exactly like what I dreamed it would look like, everything was just right. I had so many compliments on the day, so I hope you will be seeing a few of our guests in your store over the coming years! I’ve included a few photos so you can see how much fun I had in my dress. Thanks again.

Fiona Donovan

Thank you for making my dress look so beautiful, and making my appointments/fitting so enjoyable. Thanks for calming me down in my time of need.

Renae Sheehan

14TH MARCH 2009
GOWN: Magda

I would really like to thank you for my absolutely stunning wedding dress (Magda). My wedding was on 14th March 2009 in Wodonga. I absolutely love my dress and felt truly amazing, comfortable and beautiful, so I thank you very much for all of your assistance. Everyone told me that it was the most beautiful wedding dress they had ever seen, just brilliant. Thank you!

Anne Lemming

GOWN: Eden

Just a short note to thank you for your help and expertise in fitting my daughter Clare’s dress for her wedding last November. You told Clare on one occasion that she was the funniest bride you had ever had, well on the day of her wedding she was certainly the happiest bride you could imagine! Feeling special in her beautiful dress certainly contributed to that. I have had many people tell me it was the most beautiful dress they have ever seen and suited Clare perfectly. Thank you again for your help.

Felicia and Stephen

30TH AUGUST 2008
GOWN: Hope

Thank you for making me the nmost gorgeous wedding dress for Stephen’s and my wedding on the 30th August. You really do offer a fantastic service and made buying a wedding dress great fun! We had the most glorious day, thanks again.

Nicole Kahn

1ST JUNE 2009
GOWN: Diamond

Thank you for making me feel like a princess on my wedding day! Sherrine, from day one you provided excellent customer service and a genuine interest in making my dress purchase just right! Libby, your skill and attention-to-detail were spot on and I had numerous comments about how beautifully the dress fit, most importantly from my hubby! Thanks girls, I had the dream wedding in my dream dress!

Renee Halliday


Thank you so much for making my experience such a lovely one. I felt like a million dollars.